What is a Matterport

What is a Matterport camera?

You probably heard how wonderful the new Matterport technology is! But what is it really? What is a matterport camera? Is it a photography camera? A video camera? A 3d tour tool? A measuring gadget? Could it do it all?! How could it do it all…?! Let’s look at the different angle of this powerful machine.


Matterport camera Pro2 3D

Matterport Camera Pro2 3d

We hesitated for a while between the different alternatives that Matterport are offering. We even considered many of their competitors but… we had to admit, so far nobody comes even close to the Matterport technology. So we bought the Camera Pro2 3D, the perfect tool for what we are selling to real estate agents.

We quickly understood that the Pro2 3D is not another one of these 360 cameras. It’s much much more than that. Yes, competitors can take good quality 360 pictures but they can’t compete with the following tools.

Fully immersive 3D Model

The camera doesn’t only take the pictures. It comes with an online platform access (for a monthly fee, of course…) that generates a 3D model of the space. So you can walk in the house/hotel/rv that you just scanned. See an example we did in Gatineau, Québec, close to Ottawa, Canada: (Click here to see an example)



As your clients are visiting a house you just scanned, they can see little “dots” here and there appear in the space with useful information written on it. For example, a house for sell might want to specify “Hardwood flooring” in the living room. A museum would want to name the author of a work of art. A hotel would like to precise what type of view each room offers. And on, and on, and on… Mattertags opens each 3d tour to another level of customization.

2D Photos

Yes, this machine creates 3d tour but it can also extract high quality pictures from the 3D tour. You can export 4K pictures with a resolution up to 8092px x 4552px. To do so, you have to be connected on your space (my.matterport.com) and simply scroll through your media photo Matterport gallery.

Floor plans

Last but not least, one of the most interesting feature of the Matterport camera is its’ capacity to generate floorplans. Whether it is for a big castle or a small rv, scanning the whole area of a property will generate a very accurate floorplan that can be used for realtors, architects, engineers, insurance companies, etc. Please note that Matterport ask a fee of $19 USD to generate a plan.





What we offer

If you are a real estate estate agent and would like to know more about 3d tours, it will be our pleasure to take a moment to answer your questions. Simply call us or send us a quick email and we will contact you right away.

Lite Media is a proud partner of Matterport and is happy to offer its’ services in Gatineau, Hull and Ottawa. We offer a complete solution for realtors: 3d tour, property pictures and accurate floorplans.

We also provide web design and graphic design for new and old businesses: website, logo, business cards, videography and photography.

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